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Christmas shopping and Oprah dominate Aussie search

Australian search trends over the last 30 days have had a festive feel, with Christmas and Christmas shopping clearly on the minds of Aussie internet users.

Google Trends shows that searches for retailers "Big W" and "Kmart" are among the biggest movers in terms of search volume. The second fastest growing term was "Christmas" – rather broad, but I suppose everyone's seasonal planning needs to start somewhere.

Dominating the top ten is, rather unsurprisingly, "WikiLeaks", the whistle-blowing website that's been in the news recently because of the arrest and subsequent baling of Julian Assange, who is of course an Aussie.

The Ashes has also made an impact. Searches for "Cricket" and "Cricket Australia" were up by 150% and 140% respectively over the past month. "Cricinfo", the cricketing news and stats site owned by ESPN, also saw a big boost in search volume as the series past the halfway stage.

Oprah Winfrey has not gone completely under the Google radar. Local searches for her name were up 80% after the American chat icon's whistle-stop tour of Australia. Oprah is currently taking it easy in Fiji after her trip Down Under to celebrate 25 years of her television show.

An interesting point about the biggest movers and also the top ten Aussie searches is the number of brands featured in both lists. This means that even when users know what they want they still find search engines to be the quickest route to get them there.

And while your site may never be among the Aussie top ten by search volume, this highlights the importance of owning your brand. Keywords specific to your industry or your products and services should always be the focus of your online strategy, but don't ignore your brand. Make sure you rule the search results for it to avoid missing out on some easy traffic.