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Chrome looks set to become second favourite

Chrome looks well-placed to overtake Firefox as the browser of choice within the next 12 months – significant news for any company with a content marketing strategy.

The percentage of users worldwide that use Internet Explorer has shown a negative trend over the last year, with figures from StatCounter showing a drop of 14.23 percentage points in overall usage over the last year.

This may be a result of several widely circulated reports on security concerns over Microsoft's browser offerings, with the software companies latest update release containing 13 patches to fix 22 known vulnerabilities.

Conversely, Chrome – the browsing platform developed by Google – has seen a rise in user uptake.

It currently enjoys a 22.14 per cent share of online usage – up from 9.88 per cent this time a year ago.

This meteoric rise sets the browser to overtake Firefox for the number two ranking in terms of overall user numbers some time in the next 12 months, with Mozilla's platform holding steady around 27 per cent – despite a recent dip in usage.

Experts in online consumer behaviour say this trend may be due to the speed at which Chrome operates.

In tests run by PC Magazine in July 2011, browsers were directed to load a series of dedicated test pages. The results showed that Google's browser had a consistently faster load time across the range of measures applied.

This is not surprise to Chrome's development team. The lead engineer, Lars Bak, has said that the aim of the browser was never to increase popularity but rather to enhance a user's online experience.

To do this, he was tasked with delivering a speedy load time. Bak asserts that this way: "people spend more time interacting with the web".

Changes in browser usage can have a strong impact on social media marketing strategies, as the end user experience can be heavily influenced by their internet browser.