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CNN and Facebook launch new social media strategy for US Elections 2012

When social networking, journalism and politics come together the results are interesting, to say the least.

In today's modern world the internet has given everyone a voice, and news, opinions and campaigns spread like wildfire.

It's almost like everyone on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or even those with company blogs can become journalists in their own right, posting opinionated pieces or circulating powerful ideas.

Even those who are officially journalists by trade are starting to 'go digital', turning to social networks to find breaking news or story leads.

Once you throw politics in the mix, things start to get even more interesting – especially around election time.

Political discussions are typically very heated debates, but instead of people getting into conflicted conversations around the dinner table or at the pub, many are instead using social media as a way to vent their concerns.

Perhaps this is because they believe that putting their ideas and opinions into writing will increase their chances of being heard.

They could be right, given that two leading communications firms have come together to cover the 2012 presidential elections in the United States.

CNN and Facebook announced (July 9) that they would be partnering for a new social media strategy that aims to provide citizens with an informative platform to express their opinions and comment on election movements.

Facebook vice president for corporate communications Joe Lockhart said that this partnership would bring politicians and the people even closer.

"By allowing citizens to connect in an authentic and meaningful way with presidential candidates and discuss critical issues facing the country, we hope more voters than ever will get involved with issues that matter most to them," he explained. '

Meanwhile KC Estenson, senior vice president for CNN Digital, said that partnering with Facebook will enhance and improve coverage of this event.

"By again harnessing the power of the Facebook platform and coupling it with the best of our journalism, we will redefine how people engage in the democratic process and advance the way a news organisation covers a national election."

Posted by Jess O'Connor