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Coca-Cola shares Twitter and multi-screen experience

The social media experience doesn't just involve engaging with devices such as desktop PCs, laptops and smartphones – it can also be used to enhance your other media experiences such as TV, radio and gaming.

It's important to keep this in mind when you're shaping your company's social media strategy, as this can be key to understanding what really drives people to share your content with their friends to create this social connection.

Wendy Clark, senior vice president of Integrated Marketing Communications and Capabilities at The Coca-Cola Company noted that Twitter was the "zeitgeist" of her company's core target, teens and young adults.

In a Twitter Advertising guest post, Ms Clark said that teens and young adults had a thirst for technology, platforms, content, communications, apps and more, with brands needing to be skilled at integrating their media efforts.

Ms Clark says that Coca-Cola has a 'no dead ends' principle in their connections planning.

"Meaning, if we’re going to keep the attention and engagement of teens and young adults we must link together our connections points," Ms Clark posted on May 13.

"At every juncture, we want a teen to be able to go deeper into our content, engage further into our brand stories, easily share and connect our content to others."

She writes that studies show that TV and social, is better than just TV alone. A Nielsen report backs this up, finding that internet-delivered videos, tablets and smartphones are "increasingly impacting" Australians' television viewing habits.

Nielsen Australia's managing director of media Matt Bruce said that new technology and devices are "adding to" rather than replacing Australians' TV viewing.

For advertisers ,these findings could provide insight into the way media is consumed, therefore helping to successfully reach and engage audiences across multiple screens, Mr Bruce said.

"As brands we have to tell one, share-worthy story that’s connected across screens, experiences and conversations," Ms Clark posted. 

"What she sees on TV tells the same story as what she sees online and what she experiences at a live event and so on."

Posted by April Revake.