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A collection of 20 content marketing and inbound statistics

Content marketing statistics can be really helpful if you’re trying to sell the benefits to your colleagues, but also give great insights into how your efforts stack up against other organisations.

It’s been awhile since we saw an article collating recent stats, so we thought we’d put this handy list together.

We’ve pulled the most interesting and informative stats from two key sources: Content Marketing Institute’s ‘Content Marketing in Australia: Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends’ and Hubspot’s ‘The State of Inbound 2016’. These reports cover everything from marketer’s top priorities and goals for 2017 to overall success rates and determining ROI.

1. 82% of Australian marketers use content marketing. (CMI, 2017)


2. 59% of Australian marketers are extremely or very committed to content marketing. (CMI, 2017)


3. 73% of organisations use inbound as their primary approach to marketing, with 74% saying their top priority for the next 12 months is to convert contacts/leads to customers, and 57% to grow traffic to their site. (Hubspot, 2016)


4. 72% of organisations in the IT and services industry say their organisation’s primary approach to marketing is using inbound strategies, as well as 59% in the industrial and manufacturing industry and 62% in financial services. (Hubspot, 2016)


5. 44% of B2B marketers have a documented content marketing strategy, which is a 7% increase from 2016. (CMI, 2017)


6. Inbound organisations are four times as likely to rate their marketing strategy highly compared to outbound organisations. (Hubspot, 2016)


7. 71% of marketers have a plan for content marketing as an ongoing business process, not just a one-off campaign, and 63% have well-defined business goals for content within their strategy. (CMI, 2017)


8. 68% of organisations plan to produce more content in 2017. (CMI, 2017)


9. 59% of Australian marketers say their overall content marketing approach is either somewhat or much more successful than a year ago. (CMI, 2017)


10. The 67% of marketers that agreed their organisation’s marketing strategy is effective said that inbound practices provided the highest quality leads for their sales team. (Hubspot, 2016)


11. In regards to content marketing challenges, 65% say generating traffic and leads is the most difficult whereas 44% say that proving ROI of marketing activities is the most challenging. (Hubspot, 2016)


12. 63% of marketers said not having enough time devoted to content marketing was the reason for their stagnated success, and 53% said it’s because content marketing is not prioritised highly enough. (CMI, 2017)


13. 71% of organisations practicing inbound marketing have their own staff write content, but 33% say it takes them 1-2 hours to write a 500 word blog post, and 39% say it can take anywhere from 2 to over 4 hours. (Hubspot, 2016)


14. 90% of marketers say content marketing is an important component of their organisation’s marketing program, but only 50% agreed that their leadership team gives them ample time to produce content marketing results. (CMI, 2017)


15. An average of 30% of total marketing budget is spent on content marketing. (CMI, 2017)


16. 47% of organisations plan to increase their content marketing budgets over the next 12 months. (CMI, 2017)


17. 49% of marketers who don’t calculate ROI said their organisation’s marketing strategy is effective, compared to 72% of marketers who do calculate ROI. (Hubspot, 2016)


18. Of those marketers who calculate ROI, 49% said their budget was higher than the previous year. (Hubspot, 2016)


19. The top content marketing priority for 66% of organisations is growing SEO/organic presence, whereas 60% say blog content creation is their top priority. (Hubspot, 2016)


20. 80% of marketers agree that they can demonstrate how content marketing has increased audience engagement, 68% agree they can demonstrate how it has increased number of leads and 61% agree they can demonstrate an increase in their organisation’s sales. (CMI, 2017)

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