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comScore: Search and social media use becoming more diverse

New figures published in the UK this month from comScore have revealed that thanks to the rapidly rising popularity of smartphones, tablets and other handheld devices, the way people access online media – and the type of media they access – is more diverse than ever before.

The comScore Digital Future in Focus report, published on February 14, shows that our northern hemisphere cousins are using this technology to access search and social media in a more varied way than they have in the past.

For example, while Facebook remains the UK's most popular social networking site, other sites – including Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram and even the book tracking and reviews website Goodreads – are also gaining considerable ground in terms of PC and mobile users.

According to the comScore data, Google is still the most popular resource for online searchers – capturing 91 per cent of search engine traffic – but people are also turning to the search functions of other sites for more targeted results. For example, more people are utilising the search functions of eBay and Amazon to find out more specific information about products.

Another interesting find from the comScore data was not only what people were accessing online, but how they were getting to it.

While 44.8 million people accessed the desktop-based internet in December 2012, an increasing number are also using their smartphones to browse the web. In fact, the findings revealed that of all mobile phone purchases made in December last year, 82 per cent were smartphones.

The changes in how people online and mobile technology are especially important for content marketers to consider, said comScore's UK managing director and senior vice-president Mike Read. He observed: "The ability to understand usage across computers, smartphones and tablets will better reflect the state of digital media today, facilitate cross-platform comparisons, and enable clients to effectively manage their digital investments."

This is where custom content has an increasingly important role to play in digital marketing – and also needs to evolve with changing consumer habits. From infographics to daily fresh content in the form of blogs and social media posts, it is important to build the right marketing mix so you can effectively connect with your target audience.

Posted by Kaitlyn Critchley