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Connecting with the online audience of ‘millennial mums’

Which audience are you aiming to target with your content marketing strategy? If your social media or website content isn't specifically aimed at your core demographic, you're probably not achieving the results that you have the potential to reach.

If women born between 1978 and 1994 are your general target audience, you may find a recent study from Weber Shandwick helpful in developing ways to improve your social media strategy.

This group of women are defined as 'millennial mums', with almost half the group surveyed (42 per cent) feeling as though marketing is "not geared" toward women like them.

The study conducted by Weber Shandwick and KRC Research, Digital Women Influencers: Millennial Moms, reveals that women in this demographic have several traits that make them ideal to market to.

The Millennial Moms infographic shows that this group is highly connected, having an average of 3.4 social media accounts, compared to the 2.6 average of mums in general.

These mums also spend, on average, 17.4 hours per week on social networks. This is four hours more per week than the average mum.

It's not only their increased rate of connectivity on social media that make millennial mums an ideal demographic to target, as they are also noted to be highly influential.

Almost three-quarters of the respondents (74 per cent) said they were sought out more often than other friends as advisors on a wide range of topics. The study states that with an average of 24 close friends (the average mum has about 22), their stated opinions are "potentially far-reaching".

"The findings from Digital Women Influencers emphasize millennial mums’ potential for brand advocacy and viral promotion when successfully engaged," the study states.

"It is not surprising that this age group is so digitally connected, but our data demonstrates how
their connectedness makes them highly influential and sought after advisors and so adept at finding and sharing information."

Posted by April Revake.