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Consuming TV… with a side dish of Twitter

It is hard to imagine the impact TV would have had on audiences if there were no Twitter to engage with. Just look at how much of a following and level of engagement that Twitter campaigns have created with TV!

Any marketing team of a TV show knows how valuable it is to have a social media strategy in place, with Twitter being an ideal platform to connect with and gain new fans.

TV shows are able to market fresh content – such as new season trailers – and generate talk about the show with particular hashtags, that can often end up trending once everyone jumps on the bandwagon.

Ah and that's where the popularity of TV shows on Twitter lies, the bandwagon effect. Fans see a post from their favourite show – hashtag, Facebook link and all – and retweet the post or create their own containing the hashtag.

It's not only TV shows benefitting from this new form of engagement, but also us the audience!

We've been able to foster more intimate encounters with our favourite celebrities, with us now being able to directly contact them with a simple message or post.

In a blog post from Twitter on Monday September 10, Grace Chu Lee of Twitter TV Partnerships, posted about how a fan was invited onstage of a live show through her tweet.

The fan @rare_basement asked for an invitation from Craig Ferguson to the live taping of CBS' The Late Late Show, extending the offer to the fan to join the audience – where she ended up appearing on-stage with her favourite talk show host!

A study by telecommunications firm Ericsson looked at the level of engagement that TV viewers had with social media, with 62 per cent using social media whilst watching TV, which  is an 18 per cent point increase in one year.

The shift toward more TV content on the go was also indicated with 67 per cent of those surveyed using tablet, smartphone or laptops to watch programs and 60 per cent using on-demand services on a weekly basis.

Posted by April Revake.