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Content and e-commerce – a match made in heaven?

You might not immediately think that fresh content and e-commerce sites go hand-in-hand, but the reality is that high-quality, well-written and unique words can make the products you sell stand head and shoulders above the competition.

Last week, Econsultancy's Peter Meinertzhagen asserted that there are five ways content can be incorporated into e-commerce sites. Of course, as a provider of custom content, we have our own take on the value of smart, SEO-friendly copy – so here's a little bit of added food for thought about why online retailers can benefit from unique content.

Fresh content sets your site apart from the competition

It should come as no surprise that many e-commerce sites struggle with the issue of duplicate content. This is understandable – when you sell dozens (or even hundreds) of similar items, it can be easy to get caught in this repetitive cycle.

However, duplicate content does no favours for your site in terms of either SEO value or consumer appeal. It's far better to invest a bit of time upfront ensuring each product has unique, relevant and optimised descriptions – your customers will thank you for the individual care and attention you give each item, and the search engines will view your site as more content-rich.

Content can enhance the consumer experience

Content gives you an important opportunity to engage and entertain your target market – and maybe even keep them coming back for more!

For example, if you sell lawn mowers online, you might wish to create a content strategy that goes beyond the actual product itself. How-to articles about gardening, videos showcasing simple DIY jobs or basic repairs, or even downloadable guides to landscaping can all enhance the customer experience – and you'll be seen as an industry-leading expert with plenty to offer.

Posted by Kaitlyn Critchley