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Content king for 90% of B2B marketers – CMI

The overwhelming majority of business-to-business (B2B) marketers are using content as part of their marketing activities, according to a new report.

90% of respondents to 2012 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends from the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) said they were using blogging, social media or other content-orientated tactics.

It also appears that content marketing is gaining credibility, with the confidence gap having narrowed since last year's report.

Among the various content strategies employed by the marketers who were canvassed by the CMI, article posting was the most popular, followed by blogging and social media.

When it comes to demonstrating ROI, more web traffic was the most popular indicator, but lead generation moved into second place, over-taking direct sales, last year's number two.

"Content marketing has gained incredible momentum. As this topic gains mindshare, it's fuelling discussions around the web, at events, and in boardrooms," the CMI said in its foreword.

"We see a significant improvement in the perceived effectiveness of the most popular content tactics. The good news is that with progress come even better results."

2011 has seen content marketing in the spotlight on a number of occasions. Google introduced a series of algorithm updates from Panda to the more recent freshness tweak, rewarding sites that regularly publish high quality, fresh content.

Next year, with huge competition among the major social media platforms, the ability to produce sharable and crawlable content will be the defining challenge for online marketers.