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Content Marketing Survey 2015: Summary, analysis and [INFOGRAPHIC]

The results of our 2015 Content Marketing Survey are in. A big thank you to everyone who took part and to the excellent teams at Castleford who did everything from gathering the data to creating the beautiful report.

One of our wonderful in-house designers made an infographic summarising the results, so if you get bored reading my analysis, you can skip straight to that (bottom of this page).

If you’d like to download the full report you can do that here.

Spending more and doing more video

The headlines from this year’s survey are that Aussie and Kiwi firms are planning to commit more time and resources to content marketing during the 2015/16 financial year. Support from decision makers remains solid and as long as they can secure enough time and budget, their content marketing strategies are all set to power ahead.

There’s been a significant rise since our 2014 survey in the number of firms using video as part of their content marketing efforts. That’s something I had expected to see based on what I hear from prospects and clients. Video is also top of the list when it comes to future priorities.

Driving traffic with paid promotion

Using paid promotion channels, such as Google AdWords, sponsored social updates or related content engines like Outbrain, can be a great way to get more of the right people looking at your content. A lot of content marketing strategies focus heavily on organic search, but there’s no reason you can’t combine good SEO with paid traffic.

It was interesting to see how often paid promotion came up when we asked about predictions for the next financial year. That last question on the survey gave respondents a chance to write or say as much as they like, so we’ve been looking through the responses trying to pull out common themes.

Alongside paid promotion of your top content, there were a lot of comments about the challenge of producing content that can stand apart from the competition. Whether it’s investing in content types that your competition isn’t using yet, or looking for ways to raise the quality bar, it seems Aussie and Kiwi firms are acutely aware of the challenge of getting through to their target markets.

Measuring more, but still wearing lots of hats

Something we had predicted after last year’s survey was that the number of people with a “content marketing” job title would increase. In the US, we’re getting hired by people with that job title more and more as content marketing becomes something every mid-sized and large organisation fully commits to and wants dedicated, in-house experts to manage.

There’s actually been very little change in that stat among our survey sample and while I’m certainly not having to tell marketers how important content marketing is anymore, it is still rare that I pitch someone who only does content marketing. In my experience, Aussie and Kiwi marketers still wear a lot of different hats.

Rob Cleeve, Business Development Director

Content Marketing Survey 2015: Full Report [DOWNLOAD]

Content Marketing Survey Infographic

Here is our lovely infographic summarising this year’s survey results.  If you’d like to use it on your own blog please use the embed code at the bottom of the page.

Content Marketing Survey 2015 Infographic

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