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Content marketing tips from 50 Cent and Keenan Cahill

You’ll often see content marketers turning to celebrities for inspiration.

Using a well known actor, sportsperson or (in this case) rapper can provide a great hook for a story or help you explain a particular concept or idea.

Sometimes the link between your chosen celebrity and the message you’re trying to get over can be a little tenuous and requires some creative writing to stitch it all together (like this one about content marketing and Kanye West). But every now and again a celebrity helps you out and drops something in your lap.

Take this highly entertaining video for example.

Keenan Cahill is a young boy from San Francisco who’s become a YouTube sensation thanks to his lip syncing skills. He’s appeared on various US chat shows and even an awards show in Denmark.

What 50 Cent (or his savvy management team) has done here is create a piece of content that helps get him access to his target audience.

If a 15-year-old boy is getting 50 million views on his YouTube videos, then why not launch your new single from his bedroom?

This is ultimately what content marketers try to do. They figure out what type of content their target market wants and where they’re consuming it. If they can get that right, they can reach out to and connect with that target market by creating and sharing content of their own.

With a mass market product like a hip hop single to sell, you might not worry too much about how well the demographics cross over. Not everyone who watches Keenan Cahill videos is going to be a 50 Cent fan (his most popular video remains his debut, Katie Perry’s Teenage Dream, and he’s also performed with Justin Bieber). But, getting 50 million people looking at your product is a pretty good start.

You can apply a similar principal to your business. Whatever you sell, people are Googling it, reading about it, watching videos and maybe even talking about it on Facebook. Producing some content of your own that’s relevant, interesting and useful – and pushing it via those channels – gives you an opportunity to get at these potential customers earlier on in the purchase process.

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