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Content that gives you wings – Q&A with Content Strategist, Hao Nguyen

For this week’s Q&A we sat down with Hao Nguyen, one of our Google-certified Content Marketing Strategists. Hao took a break from his client work to tell us about his dream content marketing challenge and the social media tips he’s been learning from the US.

How did you end up working in content marketing?

I initially started out working in public relations. I worked at a PR agency for about 18 months and during that time, I saw the massive shift from brands using traditional media strategies to developing their own content channels. After I came back to Australia from travelling overseas, I knew I wanted to get into content marketing and I was lucky enough to get picked up by Castleford.

What do you like most about working at Castleford?

Definitely the team. I’m surrounded by a lot of super smart people who always have the answers to my questions. It’s also a really collaborative environment – everybody is always busy with their own client work but we’re all happy to give up our time to help each other out.

We work with a big range of clients. What’s the most unusual subject you’ve worked on?

I haven’t had too many unusual subjects, but I am working with a client who’s main goal is to encourage people to give up alcohol for a whole month. A whole month!!

You spend a lot of time online as part of your job. What was the last campaign that really caught your eye?

Red Bull has this really cool thing going on called the Red Bull Music Academy where they set up lectures and interviews with musicians – like Just Blaze and the Wu-Tang Clan –  from all over the world to talk about their work. Red Bull then posts up the videos as well as the transcripts online for everyone to see. It’s a really great strategy that allows Red Bull to closely associate itself with these musicians and continue to portray themselves as a cool, lifestyle brand.

You work closely with Brafton’s Social Media Team over in the US. Have you picked up any interesting tips recently?

Working with Brafton’s social media strategists and having the opportunity to pick their brains on anything social media-related has been really awesome. The main thing I’ve learned from them is the importance of creating a dedicated social strategy for clients, as opposed to ad-hoc, one-off campaigns. The US are a few years ahead of Australia and New Zealand when it comes to content marketing so watching how the Brafton social team create and implement their strategies has been extremely insightful. I’m looking forward to learning a lot more from those guys.

If you could run the content marketing for any brand who it be and why?

I think Red Bull would be my number one choice. I feel like they’re a brand that understands the value of content marketing and really invests their time and money into it for the long term.

What do you read to keep up to speed with what’s happening in search, social media and content marketing?

Like the rest of the account management team, I subscribe to a whole bunch of RSS feeds. I like to read articles from content marketing-specific websites like the Content Marketing Institute, as well as search blogs like Moz and Search Engine Land. I also follow publications like Fast Company and TechCrunch to get a wider perspective.

What’s the most embarrassing track on your iPod?

Drake – Hold On, We’re Going Home. I like to listen to this song while staring at Trent. Every day. At home time.