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Could Google News give your content more exposure?

Producing industry news articles and blogs is a great way to capture the attention of online consumers and show them you really know what you’re talking about.

If you’re already doing this, there are a few ways to get your content out there, and Google News is one of them.

The Google News section shows the latest news stories, and has become popular with major news publishers writing about current affairs, as well as businesses showing off their industry expertise.

Google is trying to make this feature effective by launching Google News Publisher Center, a portal that allows online publishers to manage their news content.

Up until now, online publishers could appear in Google News by adjusting their settings on Google Webmaster Tools.

In the announcement, Google said it has created this portal to get more websites appearing in the news section, and by doing so, hopefully offer users a more diverse range of news content.

With this new Publisher Center, websites can also add tags to the content they’re producing to make it more specific.

For instance, publishers can categorise their content by type, indicating opinion pieces, blogs, press releases and other varieties, as well as clarify what industry it’s relevant to.

At this stage, the Publisher Center is only available in the US, but Google plans to launch it in other countries shortly.

When this feature comes into effect in Australia, Aussie businesses should definitely make the most of it.

News articles are the top online marketing technique with Australian businesses, with 84 per cent who are already conducting content marketing producing news and blogs, according to the Content Marketing Institute.

This new portal will hopefully make news content more effective at reaching consumers, and also make it easier for publishers to keep track of their content.

Posted by Dylan Brown

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