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Creating ‘credible content’ to foster engagement

So the designs for your Facebook campaigns are looking pretty stellar and your company has set up pages on all the major social media networks, so you can expect your target audience to come flocking in to engage with your content, right?

While brilliant design and an active social media presence are key to successful social media marketing strategies, the 'credibility' of your content is vital also.

Marketing and communications practitioner Anna Ritchie writes in a Content Marketing Institute article that consumers will "really engage" with your content only if they really think it's credible.

Reports indicate that consumers want to view content where they want how they want, they don't want to be interrupted, they want a variety and abundance of content, and they want content that is "unique, credible and trustworthy".

So how can you create content that is deemed credible by your audience?

It all comes down to the execution of your content, says Colleen Jones of Content Science.

Ms Jones says that material should be transparent and polished and that brands shouldn't present their views as the "end all, be all". Instead, try providing links to other resources will help your company to look more trustworthy.

When providing links to other sources, it pays to use credible data and research, as this can boost your company's profile as an authority in this area.

Another way to present your company as a provider of credible content is to thoroughly check your posts for typos and grammar mistakes. If you have frequent mistakes in your articles or blog posts people are likely to look elsewhere for a more credible source.

Fact-checking is also a must, as one piece of incorrect information could have many of your followers pointing out your error in the comment box!

Follow these tips to keep your audience coming back and engaging with your credible, informative and entertaining content.

Posted by April Revake.