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Creating ‘pinnable’ content on your company website

Image-sharing website Pinterest can be a great boost to any social media strategy, with the pins able to direct traffic right back to your website!

But in order to move people to click on, like or repin your image, you need to have content that is compelling enough to cause them to act.

It may be a little harder to come up with repinnable images if you are a copywriter, accountant, organiser, bookkeeper or lawyer, as you don’t have a physical product on offer.

Pinnable Business has noted a number of ways in which these businesses can make their services more pinnable – giving tips on what images to include on your website if you don’t have product images.


The infographic is a popular piece of content that is growing in popularity, and is a fantastic way of organising and displaying information about your company.

You can use an infographic to tell your company’s story, detail findings of a survey or study commissioned by your company, display interesting facts or provide a visual how-to guide.

If you have a large chunk of facts and figures to share, consider using an infographic, as this makes your content much more shareable across various social platforms including Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter.

Display the ‘face of the business’

Post up pictures of your staff, office and activities, as blogger and designer Karen Gunton says that people like to know the face of the business.

This helps people to get an idea of what your business is about, whether you want to portray your employees as skilled professionals, displaying pictures of recently won rewards, or whether you want to appear easy going with photos of staff participating in social activities and goofing off.

Call to action graphics

Compel people to act with a simple call to action graphic that fit in with your logo and brand.

You can use your call to action for a number of purposes such as signing up to your company newsletter, checking out your services page or visiting your Facebook page.

The more creative you make it, the more likely you can expect your call to action to be shared!

Posted by April Revake.