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Custom content marketing from Castleford Media

Content marketing is about using different types of content to market your business.

Effective content marketing will build your brand, enrich your website and really drive your social media and email campaigns. Publishing quality content on your website and social media will help build trust and confidence in your brand, allowing you to choose the themes, issues and stories you want your business to be associated with.

Search engines love unique and fresh content. If you blog regularly, create quality reference pages and invest in other types of relevant and compelling content, Google will reward your site with better search rankings and more traffic.

Sharing your own unique content is a great way to build a presence on social media, helping you reach out to a wider audience and making sure you're involved in relevant social conversations.

With fresh and relevant content to send to your email subscribers, you can reach out to them more often, promote your brand and drive more visitors back to your website.

Content marketing is also about user experience. The right content strategy will give your visitors something fresh and engaging to read, share and download. It will also help them find what they're looking for, whether it's a purchase, a download or a sign-up form, putting your conversations in context with the right content will help you turn visitors into customers.

Effective content marketing requires a few basic essentials. An Editorial Brief will set the rules for your content, controlling the tone, style, topics and keywords. Your brief keeps your content on message and relevant to your business.

An Editorial Calendar allows you to plan your content and ensures that it lines up with events, product launches and other important dates in your diary.

Finally you need access to a range of different content options so you can freshen up your strategy, as and when. If you launch a new product or enter a new market; if Google announces a big algo update; or there's a new social media platform you want to jump on, your content marketing strategy needs to be flexible enough to respond.

The guys at Castleford Media are your local content marketing experts…They have full-time writers working out of their Sydney and Auckland offices. They're trained to write for the web and know their media law, so your content will be effective and safe to publish.

Castleford's writers are backed up by in-house content marketing specialists who do the strategising for you. They'll help you develop your Editorial Brief, they'll do your keyword research and they'll work with you on an Editorial Calendar.

Your Castleford team will also help you interpret your analytics; they'll identify new opportunities and fixes on your website; and they'll provide practical support with your social media and email marketing.

Castleford can do a full range of content. Everything they write for you will be unique, with no Castleford branding, links or by-lines – so it looks like you're doing all the work!  Articles are delivered via a proprietary API, which means secure delivery with no manual uploading.

It also means you have full control over your content, with archived articles all stored locally on your servers. The pricing is totally transparent. They only charge you for what they write, with no hidden costs, additional charges or dodgy consulting fees. 

Give them a call today to see some relevant examples and talk about some awesome ideas for your business!