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David Jones re-launches its online marketing strategy

As Christmas gets closer, smartphone apps, social media platforms and other such tools will be utilised to bolster sales around the holidays – and it’s no secret that department stores are pulling out all the stops when it comes to multi-channel retail.

The CEO of David Jones, Paul Zahra said in its annual report that it’s revamping their image for a new, online generation.

“It is our intention to be a major player in OCR (optical character recognition) in the future and to provide our customers with the best shopping experience and range of products regardless of which channel they choose to shop from, be it online, in-store, mobile application, social commerce site or a combination of these,” he said.

Currently David Jones offers 9,000 products on its online store, but by Christmas it is planning to introduce 90,000 products to its web-based offering.

The revamped online campaign by David Jones has coincided with a Facebook push to include online shopping through the social network – a social media marketing strategy that many brands, including fashion retailer ASOS, have already dipped their toes into..

The social media giant has developed a ‘want’ button to go with its ‘like’ one, so that if you see a product that you desire, all you have to do is hit the ‘want’ button and the product is collected in a folder so that friends can see it. Friends can then purchase the item through the Facebook page of the company that makes the product or go directly to the website of the manufacturer.
By Tim Wright