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New deal brings tweets back to Google search

Twitter has reached a deal with Google that will allow posts from the microblogging site to have a more prominent place in search results.

While the deal has not yet been made public, inside sources at Twitter told Bloomberg that Google now has access to the social networking site’s data.

This means Google can automatically stream tweets into search results, instead of crawling Twitter.

Twitter already has similar agreements with Bing and Yahoo, and even had the same arrangement with Google between 2009 and 2011, but for whatever reason, the deal went awry.

This new deal could give Twitter a much needed boost in overall users, as well as encouraging infrequent users to become more active, which could make the site an even more powerful content marketing tool.

Twitter’s user growth recently hit an all time low, sparking some concerns for the company’s future.

Last week, Twitter released it’s fourth quarter 2014 report, revealing a year-over-year increase of 20 per cent, a dramatic drop from previous years.

Inside the report revealed a loss of approximately 4 million net monthly active users (MAUs) to 288 million for end of the fourth quarter.

This was largely due to “third party integrations”, a Twitter source told Business Insider, meaning the interference of iOS 8’s Safari browser, which removed automatic polling resulting in out-of-date tweets and sparking further technical issues.

Despite these revelations, Twitter’s chief executive Dick Costolo is adamant that the company is still in a good position, saying recently: “The trend thus far in Q1 leads us to believe that the absolute number of net users added in Q1 will be similar to what we saw during the first three quarters of 2014.”

Posted by Dylan Brown

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