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December 29 could be D-Day for GoDaddy

Internet domain registrar and web hosting company GoDaddy is expected to experience an increased backlash in the next 24 hours as December 29 is declared Dump GoDaddy Day.

The move comes after the site announced its support for the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) proposed by the US government – support which has since been retracted.

"In changing its position, Go Daddy remains steadfast in its promise to support the security and stability of the Internet," the company said in a statement last week (December 22).

GoDaddy reportedly lost 20,000 accounts in a single day after the initial announcement of support and the backlash – spurred by a post on popular link-sharing site Reddit – is set to continue.

One image hosting site,, has already changed its registry entries – impacting on 28 terabytes of bandwidth and nearly 200 million page a day.

Founder and owner of imgur Alan Schaaf told FoxNews that the site would simply not be able to exist if the legislation was passed.

"We survive on user-generated content. It would be impossible for us to police the amount of traffic we get for what is or isn’t copyrighted material. It's just not possible."

Internet giants including Facebook, Google, Twitter, eBay, LinkedIn, Mozilla, Yahoo, AOL and Zynga are all opposed to the bill.

Meanwhile, the US House of Representatives released a list of nearly 150 supporters of the proposal – including popular television networks ABC, CBS and ESPN, as well as music labels EMI and Sony, consumer brands Revlon and Tiffany & Co and publishers Random House and HarperCollins.

SOPA proposes that certain websites be blocked from viewing by US residents and sites that allow the sharing of content are particularly under threat.

By Elise Ferrari