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Why content marketers need to understand defamation [VIDEO]

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Hi and welcome to another Content Marketing Insight from Castleford Media.

There have been reports in the last week that actor Tom Cruise is considering legal action against global media giant Bauer Publishing Group, which owns a number of popular magazines right here in Australia.

Cruise was apparently upset by stories appearing in two of Bauer’s US publications that claimed his daughter, Suri, felt abandoned by him.

In court documents filed in Los Angeles, Cruise went to great lengths to defend his parenting skills. According to TMZ, he’ll seek $50 million in damages.

The story should have content creators everywhere sitting up and taking notice. Defamation suits are a risk for all publishers, not just traditional magazines and newspapers.

As more and more brands get into the publishing game, creating their own blogs and social media content, they need to be aware of the law.

Here in Australia, we have some of the toughest libel laws in the world, so it’s important that you know where your content is coming from and what to do if there’s a problem.