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Delivering fresh content for a decade: Happy 10th Birthday Google News!

Where would we be today without the handy updates of Google News? Constantly providing people all over the world with fresh content for the last ten years, Google News celebrated its decade milestone on September 22.

A post on the Google blog by distinguished scientist and founder of Google News, Krishna Bharat, reflected on the humble beginnings of the news engine and the developments of the last few years.

Google News was created in the aftermath of the September 11 attacks and was inspired by the widespread interest in news, with the developers investing in technology that will help people search and browse the news relevant to them – what we can refer to now as custom news.

Google News broke new ground by "gathering links in real time, grouping articles by story and ranking stories based on the editorial opinions of publishers worldwide".

This was a new way of people finding out news, where they could search a topic and receive the most recent news on a subject delivered first.

The news engine now draws from over 50,000 news sources, is available in 72 editions and in 30 languages.

It's evident that the way we search for and receive news has changed immensely in the last decade, with the advancement of technology and prevalence of laptops, tablets and smartphones.

We can now access real-time news anywhere an internet connection is available!

There are also applications to help us access news the way we want it, giving us quick links and customised options, filtering out the articles we don't want and providing us with what we want to know, rather than what is told to us.

As the technology continues to improve and evolve, we can expect news practices to adapt also, so here's a toast to another ten years of diverse new sources, fresh content and real-time updates from Google News!

Posted by April Revake.