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Developing a comprehensive social media strategy

A social media marketing strategy is something that shouldn't be done on a whim and must be established with careful consideration and planning in mind.

Business Review Weekly (BRW) declared that the planning stage alone will take time and money, therefore, for social media to really take effect, the content needs to be thoroughly scrutinised.

While generating quality information or content is crucial, simply doing so without thinking of the distribution methods will not create sales and long-term revenue.

According to the publication, search engine optimisation (SEO) research shows involving the creation of such content is important and the most effective method for generating traffic.

It can include blogs, guides, videos, articles, worksheets and social media updates, while from an SEO point of view, blogs and information posted on Facebook and Twitter can have the best impact. It creates an engagement between reader and author that if left unutilised, can result in lost opportunities.

According to social media research group Sekari, 20 per cent of social media posts have links to other content embedded in them. Facebook and Twitter are the most popular mediums for search marketers, while in 2012, 27 million pieces of content are shared online on a daily basis.

Its research found that more than half of consumers claim blogs have influenced what they've bought and 57 per cent of online marketers say they were able to acquire a new customer as a result of their blog.

The data also revealed that businesses who have custom content on their site are 61 per cent more likely to have their goods purchased online.

To see how custom content can affect your business for the better, talk to us at Castleford Media about developing a comprehensive strategy that is tailored for your business.

Posted by Tim Wright