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‘Digimums’ embrace social media in time for Mother’s Day

Four in five mums in Australia are connected to their children via social media, according to a new report.

Research from telecommunications provider Telstra indicates that social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are helping mothers stay in touch with children who have moved out of home.

According to Telstra's director of consumer marketing Maryanne Tsiatsias, more than 62 per cent of mums regularly use Facebook – with those between 45 and 54 emerging as the most avid users.

"The explosion of internet connected devices from smartphones to tablet PCs means social networking is a crucial tool for Aussie mums to stay in touch and keep an eye on the content of their kid’s online pages," she said (May 7).

"Interestingly, older mums are embracing their 'digimum' persona, with more than half of mums over 55 years using social networking sites to keep track of what their kids are up to."

And it seems as though most young adults are happy to accept friend requests from their mums – 90 per cent of those who had recently left home indicated that they had connected with their mum on at least one social network.

However some mums remain hesitant, with 14 per cent of mums admitting to being worried about embarrassing themselves on Facebook, by accidentally posting a bad photo or messaging the wrong people.

Mums are also emerging as the driving force behind the increasing popularity of Pinterest.

According to Comscore, there was an 1100 per cent increase in unique mum visitors to the site between May and October last year.

In addition, mums spent on average 13.7 minutes per visit.

Posted by Elise Ferrari