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Digital media predictions for 2013

Frost and Sullivan research group has produced a report making a number of predictions for digital media in 2013, including the increasing prevalence of tablets and social media growth.

The use of iPads and other such devices has dramatically reduced the amount of time users spend on their PCs or laptops, the research found. It is expected this trend will be cemented over the next few years with consumer behaviour set to follow such an inclination.

However, owning a tablet will not be as integrated into society as smartphones, with the ownership of the latter expected to grow from 41 per cent in 2012 to 65 per cent in 2017. In comparison, penetration of tablets in the marketplace is expected to reach 29 per cent.

Facebook has already experienced prosperity through advertising and that is expected to continue over the coming year. Throughout 2012, nearly 60 per cent of companies in Australia that advertised online did so on Facebook to some degree. That figure is expected to rise over the coming years as more businesses place an emphasis on social media marketing.

A third of online advertisers will utilise other platforms including Twitter, LinkedIn and even YouTube as enterprises begin to realise that failure to promote themselves on these forums means they won't connect with a large audience.

Search engines will continue to place emphasis on mobile searches as more and more users make queries through their handheld devices. Bing and Google are expected to invest in resources to improve how functional these searches are to cater to growing demographics.

Mobile searches that the public often embark on including looking for directions to restaurants and listings of retail stores.

Expenditure in the Australian online advertising market is expected to grow to $177 million by 2017, with a compound annual growth rate of 46 per cent.