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DIY, squats and the mightiest mo: Q&A with Senior Content Writer, Geoff Phillips

Geoff Phillips, Senior Content Writer on Property & Finance, takes some time out from his busy schedule creating awesome content for his clients to take part in our lastest staff Q&A. Geoff shares his thoughts on DIY inspiration, stretch time squats and the best mo in the office.

How did you end up writing for a living?

I’ve always been interested in the creative side of things, and I’ve tried my hand at music, painting, graphic design, short stories, you name it. After slaving away in real estate for a couple years I wanted to get back to something that would be more fulfilling, and this job fits the bill perfectly.

What do you like most about working at Castleford?

I enjoy the fact that I like coming to work everyday – because I get to do something fun and creative. What’s even better is being around people who feel the same way. The traditional workplace can be a very depressing place to be, but I find our office and company an uplifting place to work.

With your background, was it inevitable that you would land on the Property & Finance team?

I suppose it was really. I would have enjoyed the challenge of learning to write about beach holidays or cloud computing, but having a good working knowledge of real estate meant that I could spend more time honing my writing skills, and less time getting to know my area of expertise.

What’s your favourite nerdy property fact?

If you hold any property for long enough it will make money. A generalisation, but true in almost all cases. It’s a useful way to ease the mind of anyone entering into a property transaction. Keep it for long enough and you’ll get your money back.

What would be your dream client account to work on?

I’ve already got my dream client working for a leading DIY chain. I’m a pretty handy person in the garage and around the house, and working on regular how-to articles for their blog is like researching projects I want to do at home. One of my real estate clients is also great for some really cool home decor inspiration – I love writing their weekly home renovation posts.

You had a pretty good crack at Movember last year. Did the best mo win?

Oooh, contentious issue. Actually, I voted for Mark (Hattersly, Senior Content Writer on Business & Technology). I think he had a really good go at it. And considering growing a mo is a pretty passive activity, I would say it’s all about the way you carry it – and Mark did great.

Favourite stretch at stretch time?

Squats for sure (going to miss you, Emma)!! Not because I particularly like doing squats, but because we all look equally ridiculous doing them. It’s a great way to remember to not take yourself so seriously. Or others for that matter.

Most embarrassing track on your iPod?

I actually listen to a motley mix of music, from Claude Debussy through to Killswith Engage and Zeds Dead. Occasionally some really heinous pop track will work its way onto my laptop or phone, like Katy Perry or Justin Timberlake, and my soul dies a little. The most embarrassing track I actually chose to put in my playlists would be “Like a G6” by Far East Movement. I’m not even going to try and justify that to you.