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Do you own an iPhone?

Are you a proud and happy owner of an iPhone?

The popular smartphone has long been a must-have personal and business accessory and a report released by Apple on April 24 shows that sales are definitely not slowing down.

An impressive 35.1 million iPhones were sold in Apple's last quarter, ending March 31 – that is more than the total population of Australia!

This was closely followed by a 151 per cent increase in iPad sales, with 11.8 million tablets being sold during the same time period.

Unsurprisingly, Apple's chief executive Tim Cook is very pleased with the results.

"We're thrilled with sales of over 35 million iPhones and almost 12 million iPads in the March quarter," he said.

According to Peter Oppenheimer, Apple's chief financial officer, these sales numbers have definitely boosted the company's cash flow.

"Our record March quarter results drove $14 billion in cash flow from operations.

"Looking ahead to the third fiscal quarter, we expect revenue of about $34 billion and diluted earnings per share of about $8.68," he said.

For those of you who haven't invested in a smartphone – be it an iPhone or another brand – you may be asking yourself what you are missing out on.

From having immediate and easy access to fresh content such as news and emails, to being able to update your Twitter and Facebook campaigns on-the-go, there are many benefits that owning a smartphone can bring to your personal and business life.

With the phenomenal success of the iPhone and the rising popularity of the iPad, some of you may be wondering what on earth Apple could launch next.

According to Mr Cook – watch this space.

"The new iPad is off to a great start, and across the year you're going to see a lot more of the kind of innovation that only Apple can deliver," he said.

Posted by Jess O'Connor