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Does Facebook know your relationship better than you do?

Being in a relationship automatically means you have a long list of important dates to remember. Birthdays, anniversaries, and the most important day for every couple: Valentine’s day. It’s understandable if you occasionally slip up, but Facebook doesn’t forget.

In fact, not only does Facebook know the date you got into a relationship, it can also tell when you two lovebirds were going to get together, and the likelihood of you splitting up.

To demonstrate just how powerful a content marketing tool Facebook is, the popular social networking site released a series of blog posts to celebrate Valentine’s day.

Facebook’s Data Science team looked into users involved in a relationship, and the results show Facebook truly is the cupid of social media.

The studies looked into a variety of different areas related to love, such as age and religion.

One of the studies revealed that Facebook can monitor when you are likely to get into a relationship. The study recorded activity 100 days before couples officially got together and found a distinct increase in posts between the couple leading up to the relationship, peaking 12 days before at 1.67 posts per day.

Interestingly enough, interaction mostly stops straight after the couple becomes official, which is assumedly because the couples are spending more time together in-person.

Facebook can pick up on how long your relationship may last as well. In another study the team measured break-ups.

Surprisingly, the results found around half of all relationships on Facebook that have survived the first three months are likely to survive four years or longer.

Not only do these statistics give good insights into relationships, they us the vast amount of information people are sharing about themselves on social media. The site now has over 1 billion users and has the ability to reach a wide audience, demonstrating just how powerful Facebook has become to social media marketing.

Posted by Dylan Brown