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Does Yahoo have a place in the future of search?

Google is by far the world’s most popular search engine, so as a result, when most people think of search, they automatically think Google. However, rumour has it Yahoo has its eye on becoming a search provider yet again, which could open up new avenues for brands conducting content marketing.

Yahoo President and CEO Marissa Mayer has two new top secret initiatives that could possibly get them back in the search game, according to Recode‘s Kara Swisher.

The two strategies have been dubbed operation ‘Fast Break’ and ‘Curveball’, which are thought to be attempts at creating a new, Yahoo-controlled search engine, and maybe even paid advertising.

Although Yahoo is still one of the most successful online businesses, its position as a major search provider has decayed in recent years. Back in 2009, Yahoo made a long-term partnership with Bing, which now powers Yahoo’s search results.

Mayer, who became CEO in 2012, admitted she is unhappy with the Bing deal at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference last year.

These may be grand plans, but Yahoo is unlikely to succeed in search again, at least in the PC market, Search Engine Land speculates. Contributing Editor Greg Sterling opined that their opportunity will lie in the mobile market.

Sterling pointed out that “basic search” is not the prefered method of searching on mobile phones, so Yahoo could possibly come up with innovative new methods to draw users in.

In Australia and New Zealand, Yahoo never made the deal with Bing. The two organisations both have partnerships with competing Australian broadcasting companies, and last year they failed to make an agreement.

Google is by far the leading search engine Down Under, used for 93.41 per cent of all searches, according to January statistics by Stat Counter. Yahoo makes up only 1.33 per cent of search results in Australia, compared to Bing at 4.14 per cent.

Yahoo definitely has a lot of obstacles in its way, but Mayer, who previously held an executive position at Google, may have a few tricks up her sleeve. If all is successful, we could be looking at a whole new realm of opportunities for the mobile market, which means fresh opportunities for content marketers.

Posted by Dylan Brown