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Don’t forget about Dre: Q&A with Content Writer, Emma Smith

Emma Smith, one of our talented and hard-working Content Writers, took some time out from creating awesome content for our clients to sit down for a Q&A. Emma works on the Travel and Lifestyle Desk and is considered something of a rising star at Castleford.

How did you end up writing for a living?

I’d always wanted to but thought that by not doing a journalism course at uni I precluded myself from a lot of serious writing opportunities. I’ve always loved writing though and studied an essay-based degree so content marketing has been a great industry to get into.

What do you like most about your job?

It’s a cliché but the people really make the job here. My team gets on particularly well and the whole writing group is quite similarly-minded, especially when it comes to snack time.

We write a broad range of content at Castleford. What’s the most unusual subject you’ve had to write about?

I don’t get a whole lot of really unusual client requests, but my proudest moment was a 600-word article on car-themed weddings for a client that runs a tyre website. I did a playlist, tyre-themed cake – the whole shebang.

I also write for an SME that runs ghost tours and they have a pretty interesting brief. Ghosts are real and they are very spooky.

Who is the go-to person on your desk for grammar questions?

Megan (Smyth, Content Editor). She’s a proper journo. Everyone is very good though. We have a hive mind situation going on.

As a Content Writer, you’re online all day. Can you think of an online marketing campaign that’s really caught your eye recently?

It wasn’t strictly online but the Tui marketing campaign during the recent Black Caps T20 and one-day season was incredible. It added a whole new element of excitement to the games and it was all over the media. I wouldn’t be surprised to see that kind of strategy popping up in other sports in New Zealand, Australia and internationally this year – they must have had a fortune in free media.

Interviews can be a great way to generate original content for our clients. If you could interview anyone, who would it be?

Jesse Ryder or Dr Dre. Ryder to try to understand why he continuously shoots himself in the foot when he has the potential to be one of the world’s greats. And Dre to find out what’s happening with Detox (his much-delayed new album) and if he’s worried the world really has forgotten about Dre.

What can usually be found on your desk?

A Hunk of the Day calendar (birthday present from the team), dog paper clips, popcorn and a framed picture of Scott Styris.

There’s often music playing in the editorial department. What’s the most embarrassing track on your iPod?

I listen to Ja Rule and am just starting to get back into the Corrs. I’m not embarrassed about either of those though!!