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Don’t get left behind: Get your business online!

How big would some businesses really be if they didn't have any online presence?

Think of all the clever Facebook campaigns that have cropped up in advertising panels, the creative content marketing strategies that make us fall in love with a product or the Twitter campaigns that encourage us to share a love of their service by retweeting their posts!

A post on Google's blog by director of small business engagement Scott Levitan on September 13, stated that 97 per cent of Americans who use the internet look for local goods and services – great news for businesses.

But Levitan's post reveals that more than half of all small businesses in America aren't taking advantage of these good statistics – where they don't even have a website!

"Many of those businesses are completely invisible in the one place people are looking for them," writes Levitan.

"The impact of being online is real: Businesses that make use of the web are expected to grow 40 percent faster and are nearly twice as likely to create jobs."

Google decided to create an initiative to help small businesses get online – to sway them from the perception that getting online is "hard, expensive and time-consuming".

Starting in Texas last year, Google helped businesses get set up with a free, easy-to-build website as well as a customised domain name and web hosting for a year.

In just over a year, the initiative expanded and now Google have brought America Get Your Business Online to all 50 states with the help of ASBDC, Score, Inuit and over 500 local partners.

Consumers are not only using computers and laptops to shop online, but also increasingly smartphones and tablets to make purchases on the go.

This is important to know, because this means that people will have greater access to your product and services everywhere they go, where your business has the potential to market and advertise to consumers whether they're commuting to work or on a lunch break.

Posted by April Revake.