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Downloads of iOS 5 on the rise

Apple handset owners have welcomed the announcement of the company's iOS 5 software update, which includes a range of new features.

The latest Apple operating system was released less than a week ago and people have been quick to integrate the software update into compatible devices.

The software has 200 new features available for people using Apple products, which include the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices.

Popular updates include the Notification Centre, which limits pop-ups to a pull down status bar, iCloud and Wi-Fi sync – used to improve the way data is synced across devices – as well as Siri, iMessage and the new Twitter App, among other tools.

And while Apple's latest technological developments may have been criticised by software professionals, consumers have been quick to download the new program.

In a recent post by Localytics, the app analytics company reported that as many as one in three Apple devices were now equipped with the program, which means that users have been downloading in record numbers.

And the group with the largest number of new users is the iPad 2, which recorded a 36 per cent download rate.

However, mobile tracking using the app engine software development kit (SDK) has shown that these figures are also reflected in downloads on other handsets.

An estimated 35 per cent of iPhone 4S devices are running the program, as well as 27 per cent of iPhone 3GS mobiles, 23 per cent of iPod Touch 3rd-gen and 17 per cent of the fourth-generation iPod touch.

Roughly one-third of the original tablet from Apple are also using the service, however, figures are limited to downloads and therefore do not include the iPhone 4S, which is has the software inbuilt.

Significantly, 20 per cent of mobile devices already have social media networks running on their software systems.

Integrating the Twitter app with iOS 5 may increase the number of people using this service and offer new opportunities for social media marketing.