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Draw Something claims top game spot

Mobile phone app Angry Birds has been knocked off its perch by a new social game that encourages users to decipher words by drawing pictures.

Draw Something, created by OMGPop, has achieved 20 million downloads in the past five weeks and builds on the success that similar play-and-share apps such as Words With Friends has helped to create.

According to chief executive Dan Porter, the game – whose 12 million active users post 3,000 pictures per second – generates revenue of six figures per day.

"This is about communication. It is a structure or a platform for users to communicate back and forth through drawings and shared personal experiences," he explained.

The drawing app has more users than location-based social networking site foursquare – which has been available for three years – and also just as many users as popular app Instagram.

Not to mention that it took current social media favourite Pinterest five months to reach 10 million users, according to comScore data.

"It's the number one app in 79 countries – I can't even name 79 countries!" Mr Porter told Business Insider yesterday (March 12).

Mr Porter believes that part of the game's popularity comes from requiring two people to play.

Celebrities including Miley Cyrus and the Jersey Shore cast have taken to Twitter to express their approval of the app.

"Similar to how Words With Friends rode up the charts on the back of a tweet by John Mayer, tweets by semi-celebrities Rosie O’Donnell … and Vinny Guadagnino of Jersey Shore have propelled growth," TechCrunch contributor Josh Constine wrote (March 6).

Only time will tell if Draw Something can prove itself to be more than just a flash in the social media pan.

Posted by Elise Ferrari