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Email’s NOT dead: Majority of online Australian consumers ’email subscribers’

While social media marketing strategies have become the norm for many workplaces, the humble email should not be forgotten!

According to a recent study by ExactTarget, 96 per cent of Australians were 'subscribers'. These are consumers who have given their email address to at least one company, for the purpose of receiving permission-based emails.

This figure shows that while social media has become a popular platform for engaging with customers, email still has the ability to reach masses of people.

The ExactTarget 2013 Executive Summary identified that Australian had the highest percentage of email subscribers, followed by Germany (94 per cent), the UK (93 per cent) and Brazil (91 per cent).

The report also looked at 'fans', consumers with a Facebook account who have liked at least one company or brand, and 'followers', consumers with a Twitter account who follow at least one company or brand on Twitter.

In comparison to the UK, Brazil, France and Germany, Australia came in the mid-range with the percentage of fans and followers.

Over half of Australia's online consumers (55 per cent) were Facebook fans, compared to Brazil's 77 per cent, with only six per cent of Australian online consumers Twitter followers, in comparison to Brazil's top ranking 26 per cent.

Email was the most popular place for Australians to "start the digital day", with 71 per cent heading to their PCs or mobiles to check their mail. Facebook came in second, followed by news websites.

The most common reason for consumers to subscribe to a brand's email was to get discounts and money off promotions, followed by receiving free stuff or giveaways.

This study shows that email can still play an important part in pushing marketing and online campaigns for your company, so don't forget to monitor and adapt your email initiatives as well as your social media strategy.

Posted by April Revake.