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Emulating celebrity social media habits for your business

Social media is a platform that is being consumed by users at an unprecedented rate and celebrities are utilising their fame to further their reach through Twitter.

Twitter is a particularly popular medium for stars and their fans as it provides a very intimate form of communication and their use of it can be an example for businesses looking to engage with their clients and customers.

Social media marketing is an effective way of getting your brand's message out there and celebrities are quite adept at such an endeavour. They can attract more attention to their concert or television program by showing how they live their lives outside the public bubble.

Jeremy Clarkson, the front man for one of the world's biggest shows Top Gear, uses Twitter to voice the same frustrations he often lets loose on the screen. All three presenters of the program vent their annoyance towards health and safety on the show and this passes through to their social media life.

And by being uniform in their views on these issues, they are reinforcing the trust that viewers have in their opinions.

Clarkson often comments on current issues which is what makes his feed appealing compared to someone that rarely posts and thus increasing his audience base.

Fresh content is also in his photos – which often involves his daily exploits or overseas vacations.

Up to date, current content is the name of the game!

The motoring journalist also interacts with his Top Gear colleagues by posting funny photos of each other and having conversations that the public can view.

By providing a forum that the viewers can interact with (Clarkson asked his followers recently how he can fix his malfunctioning iPhone) – celebrities intensify their relationship with the audience.

Offering this level of transparency is also effective in the business world, with many clients and customers appreciating companies that are open, honest and ready to engage.