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Essential tools for effective content marketing [VIDEO]


With more businesses investing in content marketing this year there’ll be a lot of work going into building the kind of structures you need to produce quality content on a regular basis.

Now, this is something we’ve been doing for years, so here are a couple of basic content marketing tools to help get you started.

The first thing you’ll need is a substantive, internal, editorial policy setting the rules and procedures for all of your content production.

This document will help ensure anyone producing content for your business follows the proper process, which will reduce your chances of running into legal problems.

Another great tool is a collaborative editorial calendar. This could be a simple Google Doc that your writers, designers and strategists can all see and edit.

Just as a newspaper or magazine newsdesk uses a calendar to plan the topics and types of content they’ll produce in the coming months, your team can get proactive with your content marketing.

As well as getting the creative juices flowing, an active editorial calendar will also make sure you line up your content production with new product launches and other important dates for your business.