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Exploring the relationship between nonprofits and social media: report

Employing an effective social media strategy is not only relevant to businesses and other commercial enterprises.

With the right know how and marketing finesse, those in the nonprofit sector can create campaigns that are worthy of any multimillion dollar company.

That's one of the best things about the internet and social media – they are low-cost and accessible to anyone and everyone, meaning that even organisations with limited budgets can convey their cause to thousands if not millions of people.

Interested in exploring this relationship further, a research and analytics company called Wirth Consulting recently released a comprehensive reported titled The State of Social Media Use in Australian Non Profits.

The 28-page white paper explores how charity organisations are using social media sites and also points to areas where they could improve on their content strategy.

Most nonprofits are on the internet, with 97 per cent of them having their own website. However, in terms of harnessing the power of social networks, many are lagging behind.

The site with the most nonprofit users is LinkedIn at only just over a third – 32 per cent. Facebook comes in at a close second with 31 per cent, followed by YouTube at 23 per cent and Twitter at 22 per cent.

However it seems the most work needs to be done on their company blogs as these areas of a charity organisation's website have the highest abandonment rate, according to the report.

Statistics showed that 31 per cent of blogs had not been updated within three months, whereas the abandonment rate for Twitter was only 3 per cent.

The report is available for full download free of charge on the Wirth Consulting website and provides a much more detailed investigation into social media and the nonprofit sector, including a case study with Oxfam Australia.

Posted by Jess O'Connor