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Facebook 2012: A year in review

This year was a massive one for social media, with global events such as the London Olympic Games and the U.S. Election all generating a huge buzz on Facebook.

Facebook campaigns were the way to go for 2012, with President Barack Obama and Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney all employing strong social engagement to reach a mass of Americans.

A picture of President Obama embracing the First Lady Michelle after his election win, was reported to be the Facebook photo with the most likes ever, gathering over four million like as of today (December 14).

Campaigns were also used on Facebook to help in appealing for money, with a number of natural disasters occurring around the world, most recently Superstorm Sandy which devastated parts of the Caribbean, America's mid-Atlantic and northeastern states.

People took to Facebook to share messages with family and friends, also turning to the social platform to look for resources on where to get help.

Facebook outlined in a blog post the top U.S. events in 2012 which also included the death of Whitney Houston, Obama's endorsement of gay marriage and the Aurora shootings.

The top public figures on Facebook were a mix of politicians, musicians, sportsmen and reality stars, with Barack Obama leading the hype followed by Mitt Romney and boyband One Direction.

"We took the pulse of the global community on Facebook in 2012 to assemble a series of trend lists, chronicling the top events, the most popular public figures, the most listened to songs on Facebook and more," a Facebook blog post from December 12 stated.

Users are also able to track how 2012 has been for them, with the website releasing Facebook's Year in Review.

This can be accessed by users going to their own Year in Review on timeline, which highlights the 20 biggest moments from 2012, including life events and the most popular stories.

Posted by April Revake.