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Facebook Add A Link searches what Google can’t

Facebook is testing a new feature designed to make it easier for mobile users to find and share content.

Add A Link is aimed at the 1.25 billion people who access Facebook on a smartphone or tablet each month.

It will allow them to search for content already shared on Facebook when they create a new post, which saves them the trouble of switching out to a browser or Google’s search app.

Facebook is the world’s largest social network and is thought to have indexed up to one trillion posts from its vast global membership.

As most of this content sits behind a login, it is not accessible to Google or other leading search engines. Add A Link, while still in the early testing phase, seeks to tap into this potential goldmine of information.

Facebook knows what your friends like

As well as making the process of finding and sharing easier, Facebook will hope that what it knows about its members will mean it can present them with content that better matches their preferences.

If it can successfully do that it will cut Google and other potential distractions out of the loop when Facebook users are creating new posts.

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Almost all of Facebook’s revenue comes from advertising and mobile is the major growth area. Mobile ads accounted for 73% of the company’s total ad revenue in the first three months of this year and that share is expected to grow.

That means retaining mobile traffic is crucial to Facebook’s continued financial success and makes it all the more likely that Facebook will start to venture more and more into the search arena.

Google is still king of the jungle

It is though worth remembering that the prospect of Facebook launching a Google-killing search engine leveraging its members-only data remains something a pipe dream. Google enjoys a virtual monopoly over internet searches, accounting for up to 98 per cent of queries in Australia and New Zealand.

Facebook has become one of the internet’s most successful brands, but it is still some way behind Google when it comes to making money.

For example, Facebook earned USD $3.32 billion from advertising in first quarter of 2015. Google’s ads brought in USD $15.5 billion during the same period.