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Facebook and Twitter update their apps for iOS 8

Apple’s highly anticipated iPhone 6, and its sibling the iPhone 6 Plus, finally arrived on Australian shores last Friday.

So far, demand for the new smartphone has been incredibly strong, with Apple reportedly selling over 10 million iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus models worldwide.

Alongside these smartphones, Apple has also released the new operating system – iOS 8.

Social networking giants Facebook and Twitter have been quick to cater for iOS 8 users, both making some changes to their apps.

For those of you using these sites in you social strategy, here’s some of the changes you need to know.


One of Facebook’s major changes to its app makes it easier than ever for users to share content. iOS 8 users can share links, videos and photos, as well as content from other apps by simply using the share icon and clicking on Facebook.

The Facebook app also has a freshly updated share screen, letting users pick the audience they want to share with, whether that be the public, friends or just themselves.

The iPhone 6 has new Location Service settings. Now users get to choose between ‘Always’, ‘While Using the App’, or ‘Never’ instead of the previous options ‘On’ or ‘Off’.

For Facebook users with the Location Services currently set to “On”, it will automatically switch to “Always”.

For other Facebook apps such as Messenger and Instagram, the Location Services setting for the iOS 8 versions will start at “While Using the App.”

However, Facebook made it clear that the user still has full control over their settings and this update hasn’t given them any new information about their users location, which may be a relief for those not comfortable sharing their location data.


Twitter has given the app for iOS 7 and 8 a makeover. There is now a new focus on the profile’s bio, which users automatically see when they click on a Twitter profile. Tweets and photos are also now larger and more prominent.

Users can also retweet, follow and favourite from their notifications if they are using iOS 8.

Although the changes to both apps are mostly just aesthetic touches, keeping up to date with these updates is important for businesses looking for fresh new ways to target these mobile users.

Posted by Dylan Brown