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Facebook announces new site ‘sharing life’s biggest moments’

Facebook has propelled itself higher in the ranks of social media, launching a new website called Facebook Stories

The website was introduced yesterday (August 2) to "share the stories of people using Facebook in extraordinary ways".

The concept behind the website is to provide a platform for the 950 million people who make up Facebook's global community, to share thought-provoking stories and extraordinary ways that they have used the social media website.

Every month brings a new theme, with this month's topic on the idea of remembering. In the first instalment we hear the story of Mayank Sharma who lost his entire memory after contracting tubercular meningitis.

He was unable to have proper relationships with his family members, remember anything from his past life and even found it hard to recognise his own face.

Facebook helped Mr Sharma to recover some of the experiences he lost, when he rediscovered his friend network with the People You May Know tool.

Through these connections he was sent notes, photos and other mementos to help him recollect the memories he had lost. Although his memory hasn't returned, Mr Mayank credits this experience as helping him to get his life back on track.

This could prove to be a whole new way of using social media, to connect with others all around the world with personal stories – proving yet again that the Facebook campaigns aim to create this unified global connection.

The opportunity to create and share a story about their experiences on Facebook is open for everyone, where there is the possibility of featuring on the next upcoming instalment as Mr Mayank had.

An infographic was also developed by the Facebook team to provide a look into the memories, stories and moments users shared the most on a global scale.

Stories about travel featured more on timelines than any other type of life event, where the older people got the more travel stories they shared.

Posted by April Revake