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Facebook announces updates to Page Insights

Marketers will be able to make better use of their Facebook campaigns with the world's biggest social network announcing updates to Page Insights.

Page Insights is a super-handy tool that allows you to understand the performance of your Facebook pages, learn more about your audience and optimise how you publish to your followers so that users will tell their friends about your company.

Facebook said that it had been gathering feedback about the Page Insights tool, identifying the need to make Page Insights "more actionable".

A June 19 Facebook Studio blog post announced that the social networking website would be rolling out updates to the tool to help make metrics clear and simple.

Facebook found that page admins wanted more insight into the actions that make up People Talking About This (PTAT).

"For instance, how people's liking their business Page differs from people's interacting with their posts," the Facebook Studio blog post stated.

"For this reason, we're breaking out PTAT into elements that will now be reported separately as Page Likes, People Engaged (the number of unique people who have clicked on, liked, commented on, or shared your posts), Page tags and mentions, Page check-ins, and other interactions on a Page."

The use of PTAT as a combined metric will still be available for page admins who aren't participating in the new Page Insights preview.

Clicks will now be used in measuring the virality metric, which is a "strong indicator" of positive post engagement. Virality will now be renamed to 'engagement rate' to be clearer in its definition.

Page Insights traditionally showed users the demographic breakdown, including age, gender, country and language, of those you reached.

The updated Page Insights now allow users not only see who they've reached, but also who they've engaged. Brands can identify which content is resonating with certain audiences to help better boost the success of your social media strategy.

Posted by April Revake.