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Facebook begins to echo Google+

Companies involved in social media marketing should pay close attention to new settings offered by Facebook – with the recent addition of certain features that are reminiscent of those provided by Google+.

A post on the official blog by the social network's vice-president of product Chris Cox promotes the new changes, asserting: "Your profile should feel like your home on the web – you should never feel like stuff appears there that you don't want and you should never wonder who sees what's there."

The new ability to edit Facebook comments after posting – saving the embarrassment of The Eternal Typo – goes a fair way to reducing one of the major complaints voiced by regular users of the social network.

Settings that offer control over who can view comments and wall posts are now accessible straight from the status box – a feature that is similar to the way Google+ offers sharing through user-defined 'circles'.

Most of these changes have resulted in features previously hidden in the back-end of settings menus being brought to the fore of a user’s profile.

Some commentators have pointed out that these changes – along with other improvements – could be a reaction to features that Google+ opened with.

However, the blog post fails to comment on these apparent similarities, nor does it mention its competitor in any way.

In fact, Cox says these features are the result of user input, implying that the changes have been introduced after users asked for increased levels of control over content viewability.

To this end, there are a few new Facebook features that differ from what Google+ has on offer, such as the ability to preview tagging requests in photos – rather than having the picture go live throughout the network with a user’s name on it without their outright consent.