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Facebook campaign tips: Creating ‘shareable’ content

When it comes down to creating Facebook campaigns it's not only about trying to get people to click the Like button, but also creating compelling content that inspires people to share it on their pages and with their networks.

Your content being shared on Facebook is likely to create a bigger impact on online audiences than a Like, so always aim to post images and statuses that are simple yet intriguing.

Facebook marketing expert Mari Smith says that the "share is to Facebook as retweet is to Twitter", meaning it's all about "how viral" you can get your fan page wall posts.

Smith notes actor George Takei of Star Trek fame as an example of a Facebook page that gets large numbers of shares, with Takei releasing a book in 2012 about how he, a 75-year-old actor, became a "social media juggernaut".

An infographic was created by Smith, sharing various ways in which people and businesses can boost visibility and inspire more shares on Facebook.

Here are some key tips on making your company's Facebook content more shareable!

Content that's entertaining and educational is a booster!

Facebook can be the platform we turn to when we're in need of a little comic relief or entertainment, so using funny videos and memes may help to garner some of your audience's attention and have them sharing your post with their followers!

But it's important to make sure that the videos, images or statuses you share are relevant to your followers to ensure that you hit the right mark.

People also love to learn new facts and share how-to guides and tips, Smith notes, so create a shareable link on your Facebook page of any relevant educational content on your company's website.

Consistent and on time

Keep at the 'top of the mind' of your Facebook fans by posting content five times a week.

Also choose your times to post according to the activities of your target audience, with Smith mentioning that retailers consistently get the best engagement from 08:00 to 14:00, and restaurants from 07:00 to 12:00.

So get to adjusting your social media strategy and implement these two key elements!

Posted by April Revake.