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Facebook cracks down on ‘click bait’ headlines

With over a billion users worldwide and a constant stream of people scrolling through their News Feeds, Facebook is the perfect place for businesses conducting content marketing to share some of their amazing content.

However, the next time you share a link on the social networking site, make sure you use the proper linking format, because Facebook is cracking down on ‘click-baiting’.

‘Click-baiting’ headlines are posts that encourage people to click on the link with an engaging headline, but give out very little information in return.


Because of the engaging headlines, these posts are often clicked on by Facebook users, and as a result, get a lot of publicity on the site.

These posts are a nuisance to users, according to Facebook. The company stated that 80 per cent of users prefer headlines that contain information about the subject.

Facebook is also cracking down on posts that include links in photo captions, and inside the status itself.

To determine what is and isn’t ‘click-bait’, Facebook said they will be looking at how long people stay on these sites, as well as the number of shares and likes, as these actions show that people are engaged in the topic.

Instead, Facebook advised publishers to choose between a status, photo, link or video.

Using the format for sharing below supposedly receives twice as many clicks as links that are embedded into a status.


So what’s a good headline?

The VP of Marketing at Fractl Kelsey Libert recently shared a study with Search Engine Land, where they asked over 500 digital publishers what they look for in a headlines and which are the most likely to capture their attention.

The study found 42 per cent of respondents prefer straight-forward content titles that state what the article is about, while 29 per cent said they prefer personalised headlines that are focused on engagement, such as a question.


So if you’re using Facebook for social media marketing, make sure you abide by these rules to maximise the exposure of your posts, and also consider what’s the most likely to capture consumers’ attention.

Posted by Dylan Brown

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