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Facebook dubbed most frustrating site

There have been some notable developments in the popularity rankings of the social, search and news media heavyweights, but two things that haven't changed is Google's position at number one and Facebook's status as the most frustrating site to customers.

Facebook received a 66 per cent customer satisfaction rating, according to the recently released annual e-business report by the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) and ForeSee Results, a customer experience analytics firm.

The study asserted: "Customers have shown that, so far, they have been willing to suffer through a poor user experience in order to enjoy the benefits Facebook provides."

So the question for those responsible for the social media phenomenon is how long will people be willing to make sacrifices for the service?

"Facebook is becoming the only game in town so there is no incentive to 'delight' the user," said ACSI managing director David Van Amburg.

The introduction of Google+ could firmly place the pressure on Facebook and other rivals in the future, as it had not even been introduced at the time of the study but has since amassed more than ten million users.

Google scored a rating of 83 per cent to top the chart, just ahead of Bing at 82 per cent.

Of particular interest to businesses looking to expand their search and social media strategy, the aggregate satisfaction of all rated e-business companies is 75.4 per cent – 2.6 points higher than in 2010.

The fate of MySpace, however, continues to slide rapidly.

"MySpace was dropped from this year's index because there were not enough users to create a statistically significant sample," said Van Amburg.