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Facebook finally introduces comment reply option

As any Facebook user will know, tracking comments that are left under a post can be quite a task – with several people replying on the same topic, responding to individual messages isn't easy.

However, thanks to a new development from the ever popular social networking site this will no longer be an issue!

The site has launched a new comments feature that is designed to make it easier to track conversations – something that will prove invaluable to individuals and companies alike.

You can interact directly with individual users, rather than having to tag their name to direct them to the response that is most relevant, which will be a great feature for anyone running Facebook campaigns.

If a company is dealing with several comments on the same topic, being able to contact users directly through the main page will enhance customer engagement, giving an altogether more positive experience.

Other users will be more likely to engage with your brand as they see that you are responding to your customers, allowing you to build a positive image.

Conversations will appear differently depending on how relevant they are to users – if someone has connections with a person who has posted on a thread, these will be higher up on the page. Comments left by friends will be the most accessible.

The feature will be turned on automatically for pages with more than 10,000 followers – it is possible to opt-in to the feature on the Page admin panel using the Manage Permissions section.

However, all pages will have this feature enabled on July 10, although it will only be available on desktop.

There are plans to make the comment replies function available in the Graph API and mobile at some point in the future.

Posted by Emma Furze