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Facebook hits one year mark with music and timeline apps

It's never been easier to share your favourite songs with your friends on Facebook, with an array of apps and music engines helping us to make this exchange easier.

It has been a year since the launch of the timeline apps last year, which gave developers tools to build apps in which people can foster these connections of finding, consuming and sharing music with their friends.

A Facebook blog post by software engineer Lincoln Hochberg reflected on the year since timeline apps were introduced, revealing that 62.6 million songs have been played 22 billion times through timeline apps since September 2011 – said to be around a staggering 210,000 years worth of music.

This was said to have happened across all types of music tastes ranging from those that "tailor music to your tastes, to apps that recommend music based on the time of day and what you're doing".

Some of the best practices for music apps were revealed on the Facebook Developers blog by Lincoln, where highlighting friend activity inside the app was among one of the practices.

This feature enables users to see what their friends are listening too, making people want to come back and keep track of that activity.

Introducing this social relevance allows developers to benefit from the increased sharing and "virality" through news feed and timeline.

Enabling explicit sharing is another 'best practice' for developers as people may want to share their favourite new song or playlist with all their Facebook friends.

You may have also noticed in the past year that many website and apps are asking for a Facebook login, and one of these other best practices is to have this up front.

Signing in with Facebook allows users to listen to their favourite music as well as effortlessly share with their friends what they're listening to.

Spotify is one such music website that shares in real time songs that are being played, playlists that are created and a roundup of the most listened to songs or albums.

Posted by April Revake.