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Facebook Home: Reactions so far

As we recently reported, Facebook has continued to make its mark on the digital world with the launch of Facebook Home – a wraparound feature for Android smartphones.

Responses to this latest offering have been decidedly mixed, with some people praising its ease of use while others criticise the social networking site for not going one step further by releasing a phone of its own.

We take a look at some of the pros and cons of Facebook Home, leaving you to decide whether you want to join more than half a million people who have already downloaded it!

The good

One feature of Facebook Home that has been praised by those in the know is its usability – fans of the social networking site shouldn't find it too difficult to navigate.

Images that are uploaded by friends automatically appear on the screen and are refreshed every few seconds to give a dynamic view of your connections.

From the perspective of social media marketing, this new feature has a much further reaching impact than other versions of the site.

After all, the ultimate aim with marketing is to get a message over to as many people as possible, which involves using whatever means necessary to target a particular audience.

Facebook has already proved its worth as a marketing tool, but this latest development widens the net further and makes people contactable while they are on the move.

The bad

There have inevitably been some criticisms of Facebook Home, with many of them centred around the fact that the site has piggy-backed on an existing system, rather than developing its own.

Rumours of a fully-fledged Facebook phone have been doing the rounds for some time, leaving tech experts disappointed that this was simply not the case.

Some people have even suggested that Facebook Home masks some important information on the home screen of the handset, including the date, time and signal strength.

Posted by Emma Furze