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Facebook interactions made easier?if you’re a Bing user

Microsoft has given people another reason to use its search engine Bing – this time through the introduction of a new Social Sidebar.

Whenever a search term is entered into Bing, Facebook users will find that any relevant material posted by their friends is displayed in the results.

The idea is that Facebook users will be able to see what their friends are saying about certain topics, allowing them to 'like' or comment on posts via the search engine.

If, for example, you are searching for information on your favourite band – the Social Sidebar will show you who else is interested in them.

It might be that your friends are talking about hearing one of their songs on the radio, getting gig tickets or just reminiscing – no matter what the context, their comments will show up in the search results.

As a post on the official Bing blog suggests, this latest development is all about making the social media experience more rewarding for people.

Nektarios Ioannides, program manager at Bing, said: "Let's say I'm searching for Beyonce tickets because I know she is coming to town soon. I can see that my friend has recently posted that she has an extra ticket to the show.

"Now without leaving the Bing results page, I comment directly to her post letting her know that I’d love to join her for the concert."

As a result, friends can forge greater connections with the people they interact with online, giving these sites greater functionality and making social media marketing even more valuable.

If you put in a search term and find that the Bing results don't bring up any comments made on Facebook, there is the option to update your own status through the search engine.

This means that users don't have to log into their account separately to write an update, further improving the ease of use of a site.

Posted by Emma Furze